Protest The Hero - Hair-Trigger lyrics

That sweet little red-head's got her hooks in my back
She points her finger and she shows me what I lack
Her pale skin, it burns so hot in the midnight air
She paints the streets a shade of grey around my chair, so come on in

Her hot breath on my skin and her scent on my fingers
Her taste is on my mind, it constantly lingers
'till I can breathe her, 'till I can believe her
'till I can grieve her, 'till I can leave her.

Every kiss is a little sickening
I can feel death's fingers quickening
Tightening my passageways
If you can't count the years start counting days.

Try to remember that she hates you
And though she might elate you,
She tries to kill the great that's in you now
And she's hand-picked the fate that awaits you now
And despite her words, its not too late

I wrote a goddamn love song to praise everything I hate
And kids were wanting the chorus line,
And they sealed my pictures frame
She might run shit for right now but I'll be damned if its forever and always
As the chorus-line fleets away like friends in high school hallways

Oh, I got this feeling
That things will never, ever, ever be the same
Things will never be the same

What about those rainy nights in London?
What about the crippling desert heat?
What about all those times you swore you'd never leave me?
What about the hospital in L.A.?
You took me back after that night
What about that blackened image in my mind?
I swear I burn with a new light
What about that frozen, dripping, holiday burn that's cold
She's cold as ice!