Protector - Whom Gods Destroy lyrics

[Music: M.Hasse and O.Wiebel / Lyrics: M.Missy]

Sudden aggressive outbreak
Fading foggy reality
A mighty thought called freedom
Changes the true identity

Impulsive lust for power
A deadly force mixed with hate
The glory of the moment
Nightmare of the universe

[Repeat first verse]

[Repeat second verse]

Whom gods destroy - Just and wise
Whom gods destroy - For spreading lies
Whom gods destroy - The sentence: death
Whom gods destroy - With their wrath

To all wolfs: Attack!
Forward, spread the word of pain
Feelings, so invincible
Self deceit's a deadly trap

In the end it's over
The evil side has lost again
Aggressor's fallen and beaten
Thanks to holy cleverness

[Repeat Chorus]