Project 86 - Say Goodnight To The Bad Guy lyrics

Now here I lie in the street
An invitation for you to steal a glance at me
While all the village,
It gathers
To watch the vultures devour
This decaying matter

Come one, come all
Whoever wants a taste of me take it for free

Now everyone can say good night to the bad guy

The children fiend for the spoils
Divide what remains before it sinks in the soil
With a gash below the waist
Out it came like milk for everyone to taste
But now it's curdled and sour
Ripe for your stomach to turn in about an hour

Just for a minute pretend
In this illusion that we were ever friends
Nothing is more expensive
Yet it's been given to you at such a bargain
But now the serum is sour
'Cause I was never here for you to devour