Progress - Odio Ergo Sum lyrics

Once every four long years we get to make a choice.
But now they've gone too far it's time to raise our voice.
They've abused our trust, our social structures lost and they'll say:
We need to cut on this to fight the terrorist and raise our pay.

Let's try to do all that we can (need you)
To take the power back again. (use you)
And now I finally understand. (kill you)
Today it's: I hate there for I am.
But I won't hate you.

Followed that idiot to a war abroad
to make matters worse in the name of god.
Separate church from state to try and loose the hate religion calls.
See the look in their eyes when they realise their systems falls.



I won't calm down ‘till you go away.
I feel this rage everyday.
Denounce your crown, you fucking clown and see the truth.
The thing people resent about the government is you.