Progress - Not Alone lyrics

Have you seen the world that is built in the politicians way?
There is much talk, but I see nothing changing...
They see our lives as the toys they can play with and then throw away,
Discarded as they lose interest.

I still believe in a world that is filled with the laughter of children every day.
Where the evil men just simply turn their heads and go away.
Where I can see that I am not alone.

War is the pillar that sustains the pain, the grief, the suffering.
If we break it then so would their power.
Economy based on oil, oil being the reasons for our wars.
A perfect circle that goes on and on.


The blind masses follow, as guilty as the ones who lead.
Afraid of they crawl back into their shells.
They seem not to want to see the loss of life that they have caused.
The shame they bare will echo indefinite.


Have they told what's the cost of their wars?
The lives they've wasted for personal gain.
Let's strip their power away

Today I see the youth is discontent with those who are in charge.
This sight makes me feel the fight is worthy.
Fight those who destroy gaia, oppose those who break our moral code.
Make the world safe for the future now.