Pro-Pain - Can You Feel It? lyrics

So, are you sick of me yet?
Well I'm sick of you too
Been flappin' them pork chop lips for days
So what's up with you?

Always so quick to judge
But last up to the plate
Knocked out with a lethal dose of me
And a fistful of hate

On reputation alone, I'll make it last for days
That's more than what could be said for you
All stuck in your ways

I stick like meat to bon
Right down to the deal
None short of a cut above the rest
Oh yes, I'm for real

Can you feel it?

You, stand up!
Come face to face
Now put your fist head high
And I'll set the pace
I'll get the best of you
While you dish out the least
You taste the blood
All while I unleash the beast

I'll get right to the zone, where it really hurts
Sometimes that's what you get
You'll get your just desserts

High time to pack it up, and pack it in
Make sure you don't forget the man
Who fuckin' did you in

Can you feel it?

In this life I lead
Won't strive for second best
You burned me to the core
Then put me to the test

I'll show no signs of weakness
Plant my flag of hate
Inside your fucking mind!

Can you feel it?