Privaledge - Rolls Royce (feat. Kevin Durant) (Live) (2012)

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Privaledge - Rolls Royce (feat. Kevin Durant) (Live) lyrics

My dreams coming true for wishing
My money coming in like they pay me that tuition
Swag what they talkin’ man, I’m the definition
And I’m in a different class like I’m sitting in detention
Sitting in the ghost, I’m riding down the interstate
Stay strapped up cuz you know these niggas finna hate
I take my place at the top of the throne
I don’t care if they really think they on
I’m from the east side as P is wise reside
Wanna see what K divide
Hold up, just let me decide
Choosing from a variety, niggas catching anxiety
23, a lot of fucking cheese, so inspiring

Sleeping and working, I’m working and thinking
I’m blowin’ on some purp when I’m drinking
I’m getting grow too
Linkin’ for certain but work for them Franklin’s
Fuck them clothes, messin’ by
Tell Derek I need a Rolls too
All blue, you know where I be at, biat
I ain’t got a record deal so I ain’t gotta relapse
I can say whatever I want. You don’t agree that?
Then you don’t gotta play mine cuz I’mma spill same mine
Cuz where I’m from niggas be drawing with no crayon
Catch you in the hood, R I P Trevon
I’m just telling you what I know, not what I’ve heard
Phillie, Phillie where them shooters comin’ off the grape vine
They wanna see us knocked up, locked up, AKON
All that Gucci–Louie talk, save that shit for Kraesha
The way I’m movin’ up you’da thought I was a mason
KD, they back on my pipe, just tell ‘em stay on

Niggas pray on for you not to stay on
I discount, double check them niggas like I’m state farm
I’m killin’ Rolls, I’m stuntin’ up in the SLS
Watch me get busy, I’m killin’ to whip my baguette

New baguettes got your ex-girl getting super wet
And I spit retarded boss so I’mma need a stupid check
Move in the other room right now, getting super wet

Chill Priv, niggas don’t know what the fuck to do with that
I’m with my Phillie niggas and we don’t feel these niggas
Even with a megaphone we still couldn’t hear these niggas

I’m with my DC niggas, we don’t fuck with scary niggas
Rappin’ as, actin’ as old Tyler Perry niggas

Goddamn, you can hit that shit?
That nigga Privaledge, goddamn
And Kevin Durant, ain’t that nigga a basketball playa?
And they going in like that?
Shit man, them niggas is crissed
Them niggas go hard
Yo world! Yo world!