Prince - Hide The Bone lyrics

(hide the bone) [repeat in song]
(ah yeah, ah yeah) [repeat sample in song]
Hide the bone

(oh yeah) [repeat sample in song]

I can't hold it any longer
It's gettin' harder every day
The need 4 u is getting stronger
Than my need 2 play

Playin' hard 2 get is gettin' hard 2 play
How can I be cool fallin' every day?
Playin' hard 2 get is gettin' hard 2 play
How can I resist? love has got me sayin', baby
"give it up - bang, bang - before it be gone!"
Hide the bone

Oh, when u whisper that u want me
Press your body close 2 mine
I feel the fire burnin' and I just wanna surrender
I wanna surrender every time, hey!


Hide the bone
Hey baby
(bone) [x2]

U're goin' 2 ruin my reputation
I'm used 2 makin' all the rules
But I can't control this situation (I can't control it)
When it comes 2 me and u

U're breakin' down my resistance
I won't ever be the same, oh no (oh no)
U kiss away all my defenses
This time the hunter is captured by the game (bone)


Ah yeah, hey

Whatever u do - keep it movin'
Whatever u do - don't stop [repeat phrase x4]

Don't stop the groove [x8]
(let's hide the bone)
Bone [x9] (let's hide the bone)
Whatcha stoppin' 4, nigga?
I didn't tell u 2 stop
(let's hide the bone)