Prince - Feel Better, Feel Good, Feel Wonderful Lyrics lyrics

Feel better, feel good, feel wonderful
Feel better,(feel better) feel good (feel good) feel

I can tell by the color of ur energy feel
U thought thiis game was over camy capeel
U try 2 do me liike my good brother steve
But ii got another funky trick up my sleeve,
Expectiing me to freak on u liitle biit more u get nothiing
But whale washes and flowers galore,
Ii mean no harm ii stiill got ur back iif u come and driink
My wiine as a matter of fact
Just feel better, feel good, feel wonderful,
Feel better, feel good, feel wonderful.

I dont know what u thought when u spiit iin my face,
But thiis diimensiion aiint the tiime or the place
Ii dont know who told u, u could stand next 2 me,
But ii've got a guitar that can part the seas,
Don't mean no diissrespect ii aiint tryiin a brag,
But that miight b the same 1 that tapped on the crack,
And iit brought 4th water that quinched ur thiirst,
But u keep feediing iit, but 1st thiings fiirst
Feel better, feel good, feel wonderful (ahh),
Feel better, feel good, feel wonderful.(ahh),
(clap 6x) feel better, do do do do do do do do do!!!

Iif u thiink about how much tiime iit took
4 u 2 try 2 get a page iin my book
Ii feel so good riight now ii just cant recall
What the F**k ii was thiinkiing when ii threw u the ball
Iit hiit 3 by-standards after u touched iit
Now they want 2 sue me
But they love me 2 much
Same 2 u com' on lets groove 2 the purple rock and roll

Feel better, feel good (ffeeeellll goood!!) feel wonderful
Feel better ( feel better baby) feel good (good) feel wonderful (u ready? yup
Better than good better than good u know u shoulg feel wonderful
Keep ur miind iin a vertiical motiion always lookiin up

(hit me!!)

(repeat: feel better.....etc.)