Prince EA - History Lesson lyrics

Song starts with a sample from Eminem's song "Stan" ft. Dido


It reminds me that it's not so bad... it's not so bad.


[Prince Ea rapping]

The United States of Corporate America
A place where they assassinate characters
Start scaring ya
With fear tactics
Fascists call you a terrorist
And implant you with a Veri-chip
It's effective 'cause nobody's even aware of it
Blind motha fuckers, shit's quite embarrassing
'Till they come to your area
Close down your town
Like an outbreak of malaria
This shit goes much deeper than the President
1984 my nigga, it's Orwellian
Marshal law installed in the garrisons
And deception is more prevalent than it's ever been
So tell me nigga what the fuck you gonna do
When troops break down your door
Throw your wife to the floor?
Awww, what you gonna pray to the Lord
Or grab the knife and the four and start fighting this war?

[Dido background]

My tea's gone cold I'm wondering why I...
Got out of bed at all
The morning rain clouds up my window...
And I can't see at all.
And even if I could it'd all be gray,
But your picture on my wall.
It reminds me that it;s not so bad,
It's not so bad...

[Prince Ea talking]

What the fuck you gonna do nigga?
It's time to make a decision!
Everything you've been taught is a fucking lie!
Look it up?
Or you wanna stay ignorant to this shit?
How does that make you feel?
You rather live your life in tyranny and slavery,
Or freedom and liberty?
Then stand up!
Isn't that worth fighting for?
Isn't that worth dying for?

[Prince Ea rapping]

This is the greatest story never told
And I'ma probably gonna die from this shit
I'm about to expose, but
That's the chance that I have to take
Even if they call me paranoid
And label me a basket case
Know your fate and prepare for the future
When America's replaced by the North American Union
The Mexican and Canadian fusion
They deliberately lied to us
And now I can prove it
The ruling class ideology
Taught us ever since we were children
That we live in a democracy
But the word democracy doesn't appear in The Constitution
It was just another trick to try to fool us
Like the illusion they use on the news
Viewing and accusing Muslim people as being evildoers
Can't you see this is breeding hatred?
They take rights from us and claim we gonna get our freedoms later
But its clear how they see the nation
Because Bush [Jr.] is on record as saying "... The Constitution
Is nothing more than a goddamn piece of paper."
My eyes are wide open and I see you traitors
Disrespecting our founding fathers in this final hour
Even they knew the times would change, but
Some things would always remain constant
Like if you wanna start a war and get people behind it
Then bomb your own cities, blame it on your enemies and...
Well mission accomplished, this is relatively common
We saw it in Vietnam, the Gulf of Tonkin
Operation Northwoods, the World Trade Center Towers
Reichstag and Pearl Harbor exemplified this concept
Violence is enveloping the globe
And the basis of knowledge is on a "need to know", so...
How you plan to understand the code
When every channel in your home
Is on Hannity and Colmes
And GPS is implanted in your phones?
I'ma have all of this propaganda shit exposed
The missile drones that'll rip your flesh
There's a war outside and now you getting' prepped
"Give me liberty or give me death!"
Or we can say fuck both and you can get these 'tics
I'm on the most wanted and they list me next to Bin Laden
But it don't bother me none
'cause Bin Laden died in 2001
Because of a medical complication inside of his lungs, and...
You remember Saddam Hussein the boogeyman?
Well in actuality he used to be our best friend
Donald Rumsfeld even shook his hand
And we gave him those chemical weapons to go to invade Iran
It's all a sham, and there's many more examples
But it's kinda like countin' sand
Keep that fist high and never ever drop ya hands
'cause the only way to be empowered is with knowledge fam
Don't be like these Obama fans
Oh yeah, the Obama fans
I can't stand the sight
Too in love for the man but you don't know what his stances are
Or what his political plans are like
You just bandwagon and chant like fanatics in a trance
And it's almost cattle like
Blinded by the hype and the flashing lights
But here go ahead, take some sound advice
You need to keep a watchful eye
On anybody who wants to either take or command your rights
And I'm not saying he is, but if the prophecy's correct
Then yes, he might be the antichrist!

[Unknown speaker]

"And I said to Barrack Obama, if you get elected November the 5th
I'm coming after you, because you'll be representing a government
Whose policies grind under people, alright..."