Primer - Insomniac lyrics

You turned my world around, Turned it upside down
I care, do you care, Does anybody really care?
I talk to you, But you dont hear
Its all just static moving through your ear

Can I talk to you, Will you listen to me
Or will it flow through your mind, why cant you see, im

Caught up in your little game
Feeling lesser everyday
I cannot sleep, I will not heal
Until you see how i truly feel

Im growing numb from my sadness, your memory takes toll
I try to walk away but my heart turns cold
From your leading me on, and it pushes me everyday
Uncertain of my consequences, I know ill have to pay

So much to offer
So little i want
Your face is in my mind
And all it does is haunt
I cant take this
I want to give in right now
Theres so much to explain to you
But how??