Prick - Humanerace lyrics

I'm getting sick of you sticking your nose in
Something you don't understand
I got the hate that cover to me to the over, above
And get another hand
A crooked waves
Just to twinkle daddy's day
I started hippin' a hop
Started trippin' a beat up
For you started to.

Say it say it say it
You know what i mean

Your means are such a crumb
For i deserve to seat you sir

Crooked any way you want to show

A started hip at the hops
A scattered job at the rock
Before ?

and then there
and then there

Second time
Make me through
Second time
Just don't hurt
Don't know who don't like that
Friends who don't like that
Don't wait
Another think your hooking a dope
Just another starter wanna be ?
And you know it we thought that was joke
But now your just a part of the secret
Another pretty painted party fist
And so your traceable doubt
I keep replaceable doubt
A charted member of the human race

I'm at night

I guess you never got yourself