Prick - Actress lyrics

Television city U.S. to broadcast me
It's hard to get a trial
At least a fair trial
The girl's preteen
But she looks so sweet
She dropped her bobby socks just for me
Now as for vanity...
After all, what are they all built for
If not to grow into luscious curves?
Am i on your nerves?
Too bad!

All this sex and this violence came from my TV
Your honor i beg your empathy
The evil isn't in me, not in me...

It's obviously a case of involuntary subliminal television Intoxicated insanity
Insanity insanity insanity
Am i on your nerves?

Look at all you men
You talk pretty but you don't got a head
You take a tail to a ticket to bed
Tie the sexual noose
Tie a noose

You're pretty but you don't got brains
You got rotten dummies
You tell me it's cool to dress like a tramp
In 10th century France

I found heaven but i can't find hell
You got the chair,
Gas in the chamber
You tell me I'm cruel
I tell you you're mad
But it's up to you
She looks too good to leave alone
Too good to leave alone
Too good