Press Return - Fast Times in Peculiar Fashion lyrics

I'm getting away
She doesn't give up the chase
This is the game of cat and mouse that we play
I look at her face
And her cheeks are all wet
But she just blames it on the rain

I just realized that everything
Is history in the making
Every goddamn little occurrence
Every goddamn little thing

Before I can protest
She takes over my lips
And then she just smiles back at me
She says in case
The world ends tomorrow
Her soul can rest easy tonight


Those high schools songs and late night sing alongs
You said nothing would ever happen but you were wrong
'Cause I'm not drinking just to finish, it's for the effect
I'm losing myself in your journal though I try to forget
And I'm seeing stars even though it's not night
They said if you let us we'll be the twinkle in your eye
'cause if ever even think you're gonna survive
The tears in your eyes need something to hide behind

Chorus x 2