Power Crue - 53 Days lyrics

There were 35 judges on the high court,
28 of them voted for a life sentece
The lower court will go along with the decision,
The judge likes you and he'll do
The only thing he can do under the law,
He'll reduce the sentence to 30 years, we've notified...

What do you meen life? life for what? life for what?
For what? for what? for what?

What is the crime and what is the punishment?
The answer seem to vary from place to place,
From time to time
What's legal today is illegal tomorrow
And what's illegal yesterday
Gets legal today because everybody is doing it,
Well i'm not saying it's right or wrong
It's just the way things are.

But i spend the last 3 and a half years
Of my life in your prison
And i think i paid for my error
And i been playing it cool and i been good…
Cause you people gave me the belief
That i have 53 days left.
You hang me those days in front of my eyes…
The concept of a society is based
On the quality of its mercy
Of its sence of fair play, its sence of justice

But i guess it's like asking a bear to shit in a toilet
For a nation of pigs it's funny you don't eat them
Fuck it, give me the sentence,
Jesus forget the bastards but i can't
I hate you, i hate your nation
And i fuck your sons and daughters
Cause you're all pigs...