Pop Will Eat Itself - Radio P.W.E.I. lyrics

OK, everybody, we're the hi-tech gurus
All the rage, always on the front page news
TV and video, here to go-go on Radio PWEI
Turn it on and turn it up high
Like a ten truck, don't give a fuck
And if you don't like the Poppies, that's your hard luck
We cut and strut with military precision
All cards are marked, unanimous decision
It's finger-clicking, finger-licking
My mike sounds nice and the beatbox ticking
Squeal like an eel, squirm like a worm
We're hot getting hotter, making ears burn
Making ears burn

(Talking) Huh?
(Talking) What?
(Talking to you)
(That's right) Go!

We can rap, we can sing a thing or two for you
We'll talk of anything, everything if you want thing
The sky is the limit, the limit is the sky
Say don't worry, no hurry to fret
No jest, the best is yet to come
And some are just dumb
When they say it's no fun, they gotta learn
We're seriously delirious, the force is here with us
We ain't joking, we're just poking fun
At those who're poking guns up each others asses
At each and every turn
Rock so hard there's no time to roll
When the Poppies are on patrol
On patrol
On patrol

(Talking) Huh?
(Talk) What?
(Talking to you)
(That's right) Go!

(Talking) Huh?
(Talking) What?
(Talking to you)
(That's right) Go!

One-two, check hi-tech in stereo
Quadro, any way you go but loose
One-oh-oh-one uses
We got the juice to bruise the fuses
The volume in this room is much too groomed
We need a big bad boom
Noise K.O., disco inferno
Hey, ho... yo! Let's go!
Gonna rock the show, blow the speakers
See them glow, so now you know
It's not what you do, but the way that you do it
The speakers you blew, but the way that you blew it
PWEI always knew it
We'll teach them all this song, it won't take long
Did it? We're through with it, hit it