Polopop - Pac-Trees lyrics

I'm standing in water up to my knees
I'd get my wellingtons but I left them inside
There'd be no problem if my house was still here
But it's floated away with the tide
Oh dear

When it's hot we'll make it cool
We'll blow air-conditioning full and
When it gets cold we'll switch the heating on too
We'll turn the heating up full
It may consume a lot fuel
But it would be ridiculous to have to wear a sweater indoors

(carbon-crunching oxide-munching pac-trees)

I found a big, tasty-looking cauliflower
I'd mix up a nice cheese sauce to go on it
There'd be no problem if I found it in my garden
But this thing is growing on my neck
Oh heck

I went to Europe on vacation
They drive small cars and practice energy conservation
But those poor people just don't live so well as us
They often walk, or bicycle or even go by train or bus!
(and what is that all about?!)

We'll keep on generating energy
It's great for us financially
I think you'll find the president agrees
Our emissions keep increasing
And pollution isn't ceasing
Thank the Lord for our poison-munching pac-trees!

(carbon-crunching oxide-munching pac-trees)

We'll keep pumping all our poisons out into the atmosphere
It doesn't matter cause we're planting pac-trees