Polopop - Kiss-Think-Blink-Think lyrics

Hey hey you don't know
You're filling every hour-minute-second of my time to saturation
Hey hey you don't know
The little plan I'm plotting to fix this single-sided situation
'Cause every night when I'm lying in my bed
And all these thoughts of you are rattling around my head
And the noise that they're making keeps me awake
And I think it's time to make you start thinking of me instead

Hey hey you don't know
I'm getting closer, ready to plant my fatally seductive osculation
Hey hey you don't know
That soon you're going to be in the grip of an unshakable infatuation
Every day when I've nothing to say to you
My thoughts chatter at you and you're totally oblivious
But soon you'll have the pleasure of feeling like this
When I transfer my obsession
With the sweetest kiss

Think of me more often than you blink