Polaris - The Monster's Loose lyrics

You're absolutely so much better than her,
A second though is too much, it's too too many,
She's a fact of life, but never mind,
Get away, away for someone kind,
Such a vain iconoclast, her, a racketeer who never cares,
The news of his departure was greeted here with a Cheshire grin,
Oh, better get away from here.

The monster's loose,
You're luckier than you know,
The one that got away,
He's gone, she's gone.

A great big celebration seems more in order,
And it's a great big revelation that she pulled the plug on the whole thing,
I'm so thrilled for you, really.


It's so easy to be fooled
By such a cracker-jack,
There's a weak signal.
Now here's all you have to know, whoa,
Just let the monster go, whoooooooooooooooa--



The monster's loose, (the monster's loose)
The monster's loose, (the monster's loose)
Oooooooh, oooooooh,
Oooooooh, oooooooh,
Oooooooh, oooooooh...

And it's gone.