Poisonblack - Rush lyrics (Chinese translation). | I can’t help but follow in spite of goign insane
, For I know you’ll swallow the whole of my...
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Poisonblack - Rush (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: I can’t help but follow in spite of goign insane
ZH: 我不禁跟着尽管会疯狂

EN: For I know you’ll swallow the whole of my pain
ZH: 因为我知道你会吞下整个我的痛苦

EN: I’m stepping out of the light to feel what darkness can sow
ZH: 我要跳出光感觉什么黑暗可以播种

EN: I stare at the dead red lie...just one glance and I know
ZH: 我盯死红谎言...只是一眼,我知道

EN: All disguised beneath the smile of the temptress, siren, evil child
ZH: 所有伪装之下的妖妇,警笛,邪恶的儿童微笑

EN: the devil’s sweetest whore
ZH: 魔鬼的甜蜜妓女

EN: Cause you’re feeding the fire within me
ZH: 你喂我内的火的原因

EN: Cause you’re making me feel so alive
ZH: 你让我的事业所以活着的感觉

EN: Cause it’s only the end of the suffering and I’m drowning in this rush
ZH: 原因是只有结束苦难和我淹死在这繁忙

EN: I was down, now flying...going nowhere fast
ZH: 我才不会现在飞行...无处可去得快

EN: There’s no denying I need this feeling to last
ZH: 无可否认我需要这种感觉到最后

EN: I breathe in and get higher and the ache fades from sharp to dull
ZH: 我在呼吸中和获得更高和疼痛的夏普淡乏味

EN: The knives of desire...I feel them all
ZH: 欲望的把刀......我感觉到他们所有

EN: A thousand cuts still leave me cold
ZH: 千刀仍让我冷

EN: Give me more this soul’s been sold and I hope this time I won’t wake up dead
ZH: 给我更多,这个灵魂的已售出,并希望这一次我醒不死

EN: Don’t blame yourself for what you can’t ignore? Don’t blame yourself for wanting more and more
ZH: 这不怪你,你不能忽视呢?这不怪你想要更多

EN: Flesh on flesh raising breaths on breaths
ZH: 提高呼吸呼吸上的肉

EN: I love the rush of death...
ZH: 我喜欢快节奏的死亡......