Poison Girls - Abort The System lyrics

The woman has a body

That she must call her own

But they treat her like a flowerpot

For a seed that he has sown

The woman makes a baby

And feeds him til he's grown

And those who feed on fresh young

Blood will break his spirit down

They fill his brains with poison

And teach him left and right

And how to hate his brother

And they teach him black and white

The woman makes a baby

And bears a big strong son

And those who feed

On fresh young blood

They subjugate his senses

And mystify his mind

He forgets where he has come from

He's deaf and dumb and blind

They cage him in a factory

And bind down his desire

And milk his body of his strength

To stoke another fire

Then they turn him loose in the bullring

To fight with tooth and claw

And they kick his balls for punishment

If he questions what it's for

They tell him he's got freedom

As he struggles with a leash

And they fill his mouth with violence

And tell him it's free speech

The pay-off is the power

As he crawls his way above

Over those who fall behind him

Over those who need his love

Over those who feed his body

Over those who ease his pain

Over those who bear his children

Over those who lose the game

And he who was a baby

But now is big and grown

Would crush his lover's body

And break her spirit down

And cage her in a kitchen

And bind her body down

And he who feeds on mother's blood

Will keep her for his own

The woman makes a baby

A daughter strong and straight

And those who feed on fresh young

Blood can hardly bear to wait

They teach that she's a vessel

For him to enter in

And those whose pleasure she may

Feed will tell her she is a sin

They cripple her with corsets

And things that make her weak

And crucify her insteps

And smear paint upon her cheek

Then they turn her loose in the

Marketplace to buy and to be sold

She is the empty vessel

For promises of gold

They buy her for a nursery

Where a baby will be grown

They treat her like a flowerpot

For a seed that he has sown

They cage her in a doll's house

And bind down her desire

And cheat her like a spirit of its strength to stoke another fire

And if she talks of freedom

And how it all began

Those who know will tell her that

She should have been a man

So they deny her body

And they deny her mind

She forgets where she has come from

She's deaf and dumb and blind

The pay-off is protection

And shelter from the cold

And he is lost to the factory

For promises of gold

But she that can make a baby

Is a woman that's full grown

And she will take her body back

With a mind that is her own

She will not feed the factory

That makes the cage and gun

She will take her spirit back

With a mind that is her own

She will not make a baby

And feed it with her own life

A woman's body is her own –

Abortion is her right