Point Of No Return - Tools lyrics

This system must be overthrown- It has chained our hands.
An elite still rules the country - They own the land.
Greedy and corrupt bastards imposing fear in the fields.
Defenseless rural workers - Millions have already been killed.
Years of poverty.
Our rights have been taken away.
Worthless politicians have ignored social decay.
Years of slavery.
Our needs have been denied. Landlords' power and dominance are multiplied.
They've built the fences. Separation from our misery.
They've set the boundaries. Prevention from equality.
Militias are formed to protect their possession.
Only militancy can end this form of oppression.
Clench your fists ! A real war in the fields exists.
Clench your fists ! A real war exists.
A march to strike down every single oligarchy.
An occupation to free the helpless from tyranny.
Organize, revolt, show them the tools of liberation.
Destroy the oppressive empire.
Agrarian Reform. Revolution