Point Of No Return - So Close And So Far lyrics

Language, customs... Liberty lost.
Rights stolen....Indonesian invasion.
They watched their culture be killed far from the world's attention.
No commies have taken power, so there was no US intervention.
Money has replaced human lives, reflecting a greedy and dirty obsession.
Few people can hear their desperate cries.
Media have covered people's eyes hiding the truth, ignoring the real situation.
Economic power still controls the information.
Multinational companies support the new holocaust.
The few dollars spent on their products don't show their real cost.
Only Pol Pot in the papers. "Genocide for the communist crap".
Once again, "America", you are responsible for millions of deaths.
So close to and so far from East Timor.
For the sake of the weapon traffic expansion.
For the sake of the oil market expansion.
Robbery - Assassination - Violation of human rights.
One third of the whole population has already been sentenced to death !
How many more lives will be lost till the United Nations start facing these facts ?
East Timor - a country that fights to be free.
Stop the imperialist march now !
We want them to live in peace !
So close to and so far from East Timor