Poema Arcanus - W.C. Sea lyrics

See ! beachs totally desolated
Showered by a sickening liquid
Fecal materials and chemicals

Exterminate - all kind of life
The sea's got - it's funeral

Dense mixture of rotten scums
Stench in all...of the seabord

Millions of dead fishes - and shellfishes
The waves don't produce - any sound

Swim ! - in your own shit
Drink ! - the fecal couliforms
Play ! - play in the wc sea

They were once blue waters
and now they're brown
Where fishes have to live

Excrements float on the waves
Tide has left - a putrid landscape


Flies !! - flying and feasting
Whit the shit
Can you smell ?
The stench of our sea

Purification - is only a dream
We have to live - with this stenchy
Liquid putrid disease