Poco - Father's Day lyrics


Third Sunday every June
I'm on the road back home
To celebrate the finest man I've ever known
I bought a tie he won't wear
A silly card to make him laugh
And you can bet he'll have a few new jokes
If I know my old man
I'm heading home for Father's Day
To hear him tell it like it was
Back when a man knew who to fight
And who to trust
The world made sense, he'll say to me
In the good ol' used to be
Or at least it seemed that way
In my Father's Day
One job for forty years
One house and one wife
The kind of thing you seldom see in modern life
Oh, I love hearing his rose colored memories
I've heard 'em all a hundred times
But there's no place I'd rather be
I live my life so I can face him
Every year when I embrace him
I thank him for showing me the way
Third Sunday every june
I'm on the road back home