Pocketful O'Nowt - Dead Rock Star lyrics

Look me in the eye and tell me that you haven't forgotten me
I know it's awkward for us both because I'm not the man I used to be
At one time I had it made
But its funny how quickly memories fade
Once I was all the rave
But now I'm moulding in my grave
Coz I'm a dead rock star

Those nights of excesses of champagne and cocaine seem so long ago
I blew it all and I'm sorry girls, theres' nothing left to blow
All the music that cost me such sweat
Can now be freely downloaded on the internet
And the kids who once flocked to my shows
Now have grandkids who don't wanna know
Coz I'm a dead rock star

If I had lived I could have been somebody on reality TV
I could have advertised insurance or butter or something very profitably
But now its all turned into shit
And the radio only ever plays one hit
And theres nothing that I can do
Except for lie underground and turn to goo
Coz I'm a dead rock star.