Plead Not Guilty - Take My Hand lyrics

As your breath cuts off and your vision fades,
Your essence leaves behind your eulogy,
Images of your life flash as your fire subsides,
And the strength of your soul diminished with loss of light.

Follow the blind to the valley of the Lord,
Come and take my hand.

The water fills your lungs as you walk through the tunnel of light,
Seeking the solace of Eden,
Painful visions of death and the hell below,
What if the clouds were to turn black and wilt away.

Sorrow turned to tears feel like ice in your heart,
And the fear turns to stone as you petrify,
So many visions to take in all in that one moment,
Everything is ending as you slowly deteriorate.

What lies ahead is unknown,
You're still alive but cold as death,
What's done is done and time goes on,
Come and take my hand.