PlayRadioPlay! - The Newcomer Of Seven Years lyrics

Hello there, hi,
What's your name?
I've seen you around here before
But you never quite look the same
You're kind of hard to recognize sometimes
'Cause I've never seen your face

You, well hi there,
Nice to meet you, I'm the new guy.
I've been here for weeks but I can't sleep
I take a little of whatever I see
I dreamt a news anchor took me away
I lost all my confidence in myself today

You were on my radar
'Cause I like you
I am alone, I am the new kid
No one here in this place knows about what I did
In Phoenix, Arizona it's gotten so cold
So come on ?? baby, be my overcoat

I fell in love with my reflection, again
I broke my mirror in hopes that it won't happen, again
I held my tongue, I didn't run
I didn't scream, it was all a dream
I stared at my face, what a pure disgrace
I'm scattering, it was all a dream
It was all a dream.

Hello there, you've made progress.

I'm just lonely and, I'm just a friend.
I'm just a loner and I'm just new skin.
I'm a scapegoat and I draw white lines
From red blood cells with cheap wine in them
I take it all back, I'm an artifact
I grow slowly 'cause I'm a shoe-in
I fit loosely and I draw white lies
With black lines in them, and cheap ties

Hello there, you've made progress.