PlayRadioPlay! - Mindy's Secret Song lyrics

This is your secret song
Don't hold onto this for too long,
Someone might find it.

Can you keep a secret?
You probably don't wanna hear this,
but I'm gonna say it,
I think it's time.

You're incomparably cool,
And I know you know that
And knowing is fine
But you shouldn't hide it

I imagine you will turn me down
And letdowns are fine, they happen all the time.

I'd much like to see you
I am honest when I speak of your beauty,
But you think I'm bluffing

Look in your driveway
Underneath the snow,
That's where I'm hiding
Frozen and cold

You're sensationally sweet,
Impeccably kind,
When I first heard your voice
It was just a matter of time
Impossibly cute,
(I imagine you will turn me down)
So don't second guess
Yourself or these words.