Platnum - Love Shy lyrics (Chinese translation). | chorus:
, heya heya heya heya hey,
, i'm thinking about you, i'm a loveshy baby
, got to got to get...
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Platnum - Love Shy (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: chorus:
ZH: 合唱:

EN: heya heya heya heya hey,
ZH: 加盟加盟加盟加盟嘿,

EN: i'm thinking about you, i'm a loveshy baby
ZH: 我正想着你,我一个 loveshy 婴儿

EN: got to got to get together be strong
ZH: 有了一起获得坚强

EN: cos our love will be coming and i won't be loveshy anymore
ZH: 因为我们的爱将会到来,并不会再被 loveshy

EN: verse 1:
ZH: 诗 1:

EN: sometimes i run when i wanna stay
ZH: 有时我时我想保持运行

EN: it's all about life that we're living
ZH: 它是我们生活的生活

EN: i just gotta watch what your scheming
ZH: 只是要看什么你策划

EN: and when i see you i wanna hide
ZH: 我看见你想要隐藏

EN: a little afraid of the feeling
ZH: 这种感觉有点害怕

EN: one look at you sexy boy and i'm dreaming
ZH: 一看你性感男孩和我梦想

EN: of you
ZH: 你的

EN: and deep inside there's a love calling out your name
ZH: 有内心深处的呼唤你名字的爱

EN: but i'm not the kinda boy who thinks its just a game we play
ZH: 但我不是那种男孩认为只是一场我们玩的游戏

EN: don't think that i don't wanna get involved with you
ZH: 想不想和你一起参与到

EN: its all i wanna do won't you try to understand me
ZH: 其所有我想要做你不想了解我

EN: chorus
ZH: 合唱

EN: verse 2:
ZH: 诗歌 2:

EN: try to be patient i know its hard
ZH: 尽量耐心我知道很难

EN: baby it's worth all the while
ZH: 它同时是值得的婴儿

EN: with me its a slow kinda style
ZH: 我是一个缓慢的那种样式

EN: and when you feel your intentions stray
ZH: 当你感到你的意图流浪

EN: remember that love is the reason
ZH: 请记住爱情是原因

EN: the good things in life don't come easy
ZH: 生活中的好东西来得不容易

EN: and though i spend a few saturday nights
ZH: 虽然我花了几个星期六晚上

EN: on the telephone when i could be touching your face
ZH: 在电话时我可以摸你的脸上

EN: for me emotion takes a mighty long time
ZH: 我的情感需要强大长时间

EN: but soon the light will be shining, and i won't be loveshy anymore
ZH: 但很快就会闪亮光,和了,现在已经不会再 loveshy 了

EN: chorus x2
ZH: 合唱 x 2

EN: i've be watching you watching me,
ZH: 我会看你看着我,

EN: and i know your on it,
ZH: 我知道你对它,

EN: i'm a little love shy boy,
ZH: 我是一个小小的爱害羞的男孩,

EN: so why dont you put your number on this paper,
ZH: 那么为什么你不把你的号码在本白皮书中,

EN: maybe i will call you later,
ZH: 也许我会打电话给你以后,

EN: i need love i need trust,
ZH: 爱需要信任,

EN: anything you got boy its all good,
ZH: 任何事情你男孩及其所有的好,

EN: i like it like that i like it like this,
ZH: 我喜欢就喜欢,我喜欢它像这样,

EN: i know i'm shy boy
ZH: 我知道我害羞的男孩

EN: but i know you'll like this,
ZH: 但我知道你会喜欢这个,

EN: so take my number come on over be my soulja boy,
ZH: 所以就我数到以上是我说的孩子,

EN: and when you're over
ZH: 当你在过去

EN: i will show you how you shout it boy.
ZH: 我将向您展示如何你大声喊它的男孩。

EN: chorus x 2
ZH: 合唱 x 2