Plague - Another Day, Another Funeral lyrics

Everyday it's the same old bullshit
A mom and her three kids can't pay the rent
While their dad is gone gambling in vegas
He hasn't seen his kids in three fucking years
He sits at the bar everynight pounding his beers
At the motel burst in tears and hiding in fear
What he sees in the mirror is a drunken coward
Sick of all this nuicence that destroys his power
With another plane ticket to another town
300 miles away at the speed of sound
Like a martyr dying for his beliefs
His children are dying while they're trying to eat
It's just another day and another funeral
Wouldn't you love to know

A kid on the corner selling toxic rock
Just to make it by because his dad got shot
In vietnam for some unjustified reason
Not much more it's just the changing of the season
His dad died when he was just a baby
Raised by his mom 'til the pigs killed that old lady
Said she was reaching for a gun when she was reaching for her cane
Thats the type of bullshit that can turn you insane
So from foster home to foster home he lived his life
Even at one time had himself a wife
And a little kid but one night while it was late
His wife left, took the kid and flew away
And took all their cash and left him broke
Now this shit may seem like a joke
But it's just another day and another funeral
Wouldn't you love to know

A sixteen year old girl on the corner for sale
Trying to make money for her dads next bail
In and out of jail is how he lives his life
Everytime he gets out beats his kids and wife
But now his wifes gone and his three other kids
Shes the only one left and that isn't it
He gets home from the bar every single night
Rapes his only daughter and then puts her out for the night
To walk the streets where she gets raped three more times
Just another day in her fucked up mind
She goes to the corner to buy the toxic rock
From a boy who both his dad and his mom got shot
Her next stop is at a motel room in vegas
From a man who left his wife and three kids and now isn't shit
A man with a gun wants to take her for a ride
One more time and one more dime
It's just another day and another funeral
Wouldn't you love to know