Pixies - I'm Amazed (Surfer Rosa Album) (1988)

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Pixies - I'm Amazed (Surfer Rosa Album) lyrics

"Girls and fucked 'em at school
All I know is that
There were rumors he was into field hockey players
There were rumors
So he applied basically
He was gone the next day
And went off with the team
It's like, he was got, they'd just like
It was like so hush hush
They were so, quiet about it
And then the next thing you know"

The day before, that I was wed
She went upstairs and she cut her hair away

I'm amazed [Repeat x3]
And when, I was a little boy
A ball of string my parents took from me

I'm amazed [Repeat x3]
Before I died, I took my Honda
And packed it up, up, up to Arizona (honey)

I'm amazed, I'm amazed, I'm amazed [Repeat x4]