Pixie Lott - A Real Good Thing (feat. Shaggy) (2016)

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Pixie Lott - A Real Good Thing (feat. Shaggy) lyrics

Pixie Lott
Hey, Mr. Lover
Baby girl, you're always on my mind
Now everyday
I can't wait to love you
Wanna hold you, wanna [?]
I would do anything in my power to make you stay
Baby girl, stay with me and you're set (you're set)

Uh, I see that boy
He does something to my chemestry
I'm getting close, I'm sure
You raise my temperature
'Bout three degrees

He says: Everyday, everyday
And everyway she makes my motor purr
(I'm gonna make your motor purr)
And I reciprocate
My life I dedicate to lovin' her

For we've gotta good thing going
A real good thing going, yeah
That boy and me
And I don't have to ask
I know it's gonna last eternally