Pitboss 2000 - Billy C lyrics

Whitehouse to the outhouse
Distinguished position disgraced
Free world leader caught in the act
Claims innocence man, but that's always the case

Big haired helmet played swallow the leader
Its sick to think but can you blame him
You know hes got nothing at home
Cause hilarys a rug munching lesbian

Leftist politician scandal plagued
Muddy the waters the press will go away
Its everyones problem but the man in charge
Crucify the guy who knows they tried to stop ken starr

When the time is right we will let you know
Assasination attempt will be our final blow
Republican payback nra comes to life
Taking out the cheat and his dyke ass wife

Take a ride to stanford
One more shot will ring
Chelseas ugly ass
Will never feel a thing