Piper - Comin' Down Off Your Love lyrics


What would you do if I walked up to you and had my hands tied
And what would you say if you saw me one day and I was tongue tied
You should believe with your eyes
In the morning girl, my sheets are wet
I'm as wrung out as I can get
I'm comin down off your love
Would you believe, would you conceive that I'm tryin
But how would you know when you're tryin to show me I'm lyin'
You're just a tease for desire
In the evening girl, my eyes are red
I'm pretty near to feelin' dead
I'm comin down off your love
I tried pretending that these games were ending for days and nights
But I keep on slaving, my heart's misbehaving inside, oh yeah, I need ya!
One of these days you'll find out it pays to take a lesson
You get what you give so it's best that you live with some discretion
It doesn't phase you at all
I wish you'd think about it twice
Or someone's gonna pay the price
Of comin down off your love, off your love
You don't need to watch me go through
All I need to just to see you
Down down down, down down down off your love