Pink Turns Blue - Perfect Sex lyrics

The calmness of surroundings
Conceal a haunted place
Don't wanna stay here
Just tension I guess

Some tombs
Are better left alone
Lack of identity
I'm not sure
Whether I'm guilty or not
Never do enter
It ends with a heavy recall

Perfect Sex
Prevented from seeing the obvious
In a lateral drift
Live with it for a while
That's the way it keeps happening

Be a good slave
Watch me come
I am here
That's not always the way
Madness there
Nothing left to stand
An itching to move
Until it all gives away

Perfect Sex
Nothing wrong with that
A process of breaking away
Can't seem to care
But now all hell breaks loose

Your beauty
Center of it all
I am lonely
And ruins all around
Keep passing
Unseen through your moments
Hear and feel
The real universe