Pink Turns Blue - Christian Chemistry lyrics

I am wet with sweat
And my heart beats so loudly
That I could hear it, right
A fellow begins to play with himself
I am so amused. I am so amused.
I'll escape your eyes, I'll escape your eyes

I'm going to make it someday?
They will hear from me? I'll smoke cigarettes
Just being alive's a victory
The alcoholic, the miserable and the damned
The bored and the pretender gets out of hand

I can't stand the comedown, you?
I am so amused.
So am I.

I drink night and day, I write poems about lost love
Five or six
Somebody warned me that it was a dangerous job for anybody
Who's frustrated, or?
Just phase out, breathe in,
Wear sandals and pretend it's a fine world
Yes, that it is
As you say, masks drop away, real people begin to appear
Cranks? Imbeciles? Nothing!
Always nothing.
As I say: nothing!
Fruit Fly Brains. Fruit Fly Brains.
Fruit Fly Brains. That's all.

I've forgotten to say that some people live quite well
Ah? Say!
While most others eat their own shit for breakfast
Oh, no.
I would liked to get it all out of my system forever
Golden Christian Chemistry. Golden Christian Chemistry.
What do you say?
And poverty and ignorance breed their own truth.

You hit me in the face
We are animals in the forest
And I am murdering you. I am murdering you. I'm murdering you.
In the end it's all the same, we end up lonely anyway
Anyway means nothing
All nothing