Pink Turns Blue - All I Ever Wanted lyrics

Till death us do part
A big con of course
If the moral ground changes
So who knows who knows

Time to blag your way
To wider issues of life
Going straight ahead
To your minutes of fame
Mark your change of heart
You are knowing, corrupt
You're robbed of the chance
To get the magic

That's all I ever wanted
I'm overloaded

What price must be paid
What can make me stop
It's time to move on
To work the fat of my soul
You can call me dead
For the public good
Therefore I must me mad
Have no sympathy at all

That's all I ever wanted
I'm overloaded

I can loathe or ignore it
After all I can't like it
A room with soft walls
Till the end of the end
It's sooner
or later
I will beat myself up
Drink first and think later
Cause this is the world

Absorbed but in what
I'm feeling braindead
It's getting weird
Before I come on
Is it important to be good
Just to make, make sure
Into the realms of ecstatic
It's the streets of south london

That's all I ever wanted
All I ever wanted