Pink Turns Blue - Ah Love lyrics

Let's go - us lucky ones - to the other side - to the bright light
It's been too long a time - in the cold outside - in the dark and grey
It smells of perfume - roses flowing round - covers warm your heart
Let's wave a last goodbye - so beloved friends - sending them a smile

Ah, love

Watch all the clouds up high - in the evening sky - an eternal dream
Walk along an endless beach, feel a nice breeze, waves and seagulls greet
Skipping through letters from the past, pictures on the wall, with a life inside
Children playing in the sun, birds do sing outside, lots of wine inside

Ah, love

No more drinks - no more tears - no more fears or hate - no love to fake
No need for second thoughts - no humbleness - or endless pain
It's all so positive - faces beautiful - happy sounds around
It all just disappears - into nothingness - into an endless sea - of love