Pinback - Devil You Know lyrics

I've been away for a long, long time.
Tears from the trees fall on sullen lives.
Dropped in the wake of a plastic mind.
Some kinda love and I heard it's mine.

It's the Devil and I can't see you
Split the difference and you can be the same.

Something will be on the minds so undeveloped.
So they will leave links to the banks to crack the codes.
It's the part of you that stays.
Leaving nothing but a stain.

Take you down a peg.

No water here.
No quarter here.
I don't wanna fear you man, oh no.
Just wanna have you here.
Don't go.

Sometimes we'll be laying by the docks so undisturbed.
Folding, maybe, leaves on the ground turned brown with age.
That's the part of you that stays.
That's the part I hope remains.

(We crash into the rocks below.
Don't believe what they say.
We're under the canopy.
I'm told it protects us.)