Pilfers - Waitin' 4 U lyrics

Nothings out of the ordinary. (I know you know)
Everything's just fine with me. (Wherever you want to go)
I'm like a wooden wheel on a cobble stone. (rolling down the road)
I've got one step under your over easy. (I know you know)
I'm lookin down the rocky coast. (What a way to go)
Well it seems so clear but it's still not here. (Look and you'll see the way to love...)
Now the light is fading.

I'm still waitin for you, Nothin more I can do, I'm still waitin...

You got angst growin in the garden. (I reap what you sow)
You got boredom boiling on your stove. (Steamin to overflow)
You're my silent runner running deep. (Look and you'll see the way to live)
Now the light is fading.
Yeah I'm still waitin for you...
Cooled back my heels whats true...

Just give me the clue.
Just tell me what you want.
I'm commin around and fall out.
Pickin it up from where you left off.
Commin around, fallin out...