Pik - The Prayer Of Death lyrics

In my eyes the mirror of time
My soul somewhere there
Wandering in demon land
Sorcerer's skull is rising
Whispering the prayer of the key
From my
From my mouth
Incantations flow
Ana ana
It's the prayer of death
The flame hears the lever of time
Icy limps in the arms of life again
I am back from the endless trip
From the land of lost souls
From the land of illusioned gods
I just awoke
My voice vibrating
I have passed gates of unknown worlds
And am drifting between ghosts
My face sprays a rain
Refreshing my tired body
Nestled into the burned down earth
I hear how it breathes
The ashes I have mixed
For sacrifice sowed them away
The wind soars them
And I still whispered
Ana ana
It's the prayer of death