Pigface - Ten Ground And Down lyrics

I have your see-eye have here is my hand
As blue and cold as ?
Go for a pound
Ten ground and down

When the morning after coughs a crippled mile
Curse the morning after, Tuesday's child
Wake into the hard song, gold in my hand
Engage report pending, promised land

Here is my heart on hand, sharp as a blade
One down, I say two
I close ?
Go for a pound
Ten ground and down

Careful when your skin returns to dirt and gold
Foreign bastards, dress the centerfold
Million drool and madness, seem to start the race
Tuesday's child removes her guilty face

I'm not going to take this shit anymore
I won't have it in my house
You see, I've seen it all before
Ten down and hundreds more

Crimes remain credentials, dirt remains sublime
Silence and sedation undermined
Fake the bastard's outcry, nail it to his chest
Bone and skin descending, burns the best

I'm not gonna have this anymore
You see I've heard it all before
I won't be beaten to the ground
Ten down and then ten more