Piecemeal - Severance lyrics

Divided, split by inner conflict. shattered pieces of a sacred trust. nothing can mend my damaged pride. I turn away yet malice floods my heart. on this cross dies my hatred. bleed my sins, my catharsis. betrayal, cant break the cycle of severity. a cry of despair so grieved. I question my own fate. immerse within four walls of misery. wake in this cold sweat, there is no escape. omit the bloodshed from my mind. my catharsis. revenge will never soften this pain. nothing can change the past wont live in a state of total contempt. swallow this bitter pill, face my nemesis. my crucifixion, my path of amendment. wont ever fall victim to the hatred again. father free me from this self built prison. no longer a slave to this violence. surging beyond girders. severance from my old ways.