Phreshy Duzit - Lost Hope lyrics (Chinese translation). | All the things love makes you do
, All the things in love makes you
, All the little things
, You...
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Phreshy Duzit - Lost Hope (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: All the things love makes you do
ZH: 所做的爱使你所有的事情

EN: All the things in love makes you
ZH: 在爱中的所有事情会都让你

EN: All the little things
ZH: 所有的一切

EN: You used to be the number one fan
ZH: 你曾经是头号粉丝

EN: Now it’s all jokes
ZH: 现在是所有笑话

EN: Keep going around telling people you lost hope
ZH: 保持四处告诉人们你失去的希望

EN: They take your word for it
ZH: 他们只是你的一句话。

EN: They are too weak to add on the paying
ZH: 他们都太弱,加上支付

EN: Tell them stories tell them lies make sure they listen
ZH: 告诉他们的故事告诉他们谎言确保他们听

EN: I got nothing to lose nothing to prove
ZH: 我没有什么可失去不需要证明什么

EN: If they are looking for the truth I ain’t hard to find that all bitch
ZH: 如果他们要找的我就不难找到所有婊子的真相

EN: You better of showing love even keep your mouth shut
ZH: 你更好的显示爱甚至保持你的嘴闭上

EN: Neighborhood .. hard to see through your smiles
ZH: 邻里...难看到通过你的笑容

EN: You ain’t happy at all you see what is going on
ZH: 你不高兴在所有你看看什么

EN: What the fuck you are sleeping for
ZH: 你他妈的你睡的

EN: Losing friends losing brothers.. do your thing
ZH: 失去朋友失去兄弟...做你的事

EN: Try to keep close watch me from fall
ZH: 尽量保持密切留意我从秋天

EN: Now is neighborhood fuss we know who we are
ZH: 现在是我们知道我们是谁的邻居大惊小怪

EN: .. the greatest story never told to who is that
ZH: ..最伟大的故事永远不跟那人是谁

EN: To better known .. I got a minute for the long run
ZH: 为更好地了解...我有一分钟的长时间运行

EN: Don’t get it twisted .. nothing change .. still asking me to forgive them
ZH: 别让它扭...什么都不改变...还问我原谅他们

EN: I promise I wouldn’t change .. even make a name
ZH: 我保证我不会改变...甚至使一个名称

EN: I fuck girl that miss me .. I am in town
ZH: 我他妈的想念我的女孩...我在城里

EN: Yeah bitch I am in town
ZH: 我在城里的是婊子

EN: I a gonna dig you down
ZH: 我要把你挖下来