Phreshy Duzit - Lost Hope (2011)

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Phreshy Duzit - Lost Hope lyrics

All the things love makes you do
All the things in love makes you
All the little things

You used to be the number one fan
Now it’s all jokes
Keep going around telling people you lost hope
They take your word for it
They are too weak to add on the paying
Tell them stories tell them lies make sure they listen
I got nothing to lose nothing to prove
If they are looking for the truth I ain’t hard to find that all bitch
You better of showing love even keep your mouth shut
Neighborhood .. hard to see through your smiles
You ain’t happy at all you see what is going on
What the fuck you are sleeping for
Losing friends losing brothers.. do your thing
Try to keep close watch me from fall
Now is neighborhood fuss we know who we are
.. the greatest story never told to who is that
To better known .. I got a minute for the long run
Don’t get it twisted .. nothing change .. still asking me to forgive them
I promise I wouldn’t change .. even make a name
I fuck girl that miss me .. I am in town
Yeah bitch I am in town
I a gonna dig you down