Phonte - Eternally (feat. Median) (2012)

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Phonte - Eternally (feat. Median) lyrics

House to prove like shoes
call well bank but shot way back like shoe
We jumper brother so just us with the fuzz
Hit em with the bus for the close up
get em up those something .. post up
New brand new hit ..toast up
No sucks thing is .. without bars
that’s like picks all with no cars and see .. in the bar
.. i’m ..for the game all dressed..
i don’t know what else to tell you
no sell like you .. selfish that bore and ..
got money and work hard for it
fuzz piping and can’t take the pressure off a bit
i don’t have to move ..losing my religion
i don’t have to do .. consume and ..
But that’s something in em that says go and get em

This is through your way style ..wonder with the ..
At the least the ..north was the sinner .. young killer bees
Before the day .. still swinging like ..
warm room studio new melodies
let me text and breathe
better ..better key countable visionary living too extremes
daddy fat ..take too .. AKA movie
two players in the same movie best buzz in the same dobby
ain’t comfort love to the ones before me
it’s like the truth is overrated you know the .. is a fucking lie
but you still love the story
describing on it what do you believe
fake this would be made it
The step for the take it destined for the take us
the move is in the shake this time is now turn around face it

The earth is upon around
the world ..try to blame it on the sun like it went down
but even that my heroes forever live now down

There’s no ..we just deliver now, bringin women now
What you’re thinking bout
One thing certainly i burn 3 degree
somebody let em know we live eternally

life that all get that .. harass the track like a to the law AKA exod
Gim .. so vivid so ..with the exod
When we get em pass the bar what a .. what a pass the wall
Fantastic family they’ll be like the jam
link up smash the fans
thinking of a master plan all good like a cashing ..
all bad like paying back the gin when you only have to ..
too interesting hands up nigga get a .. probably wouldn’t stand the chance
this is fake no .. say my melo my man,
what? My melo my man ...
Life’s a bitch when ..
I’m an ease i’m a traveler man,
get a vista, a visa, a view in the future
what a fabulous glance scramble the ..
arrogant plan straight in the face making the case
.is what you’re making take us ..shake us face it changing the face
Making the case but taking impatience

Faith is what you’re making
Step is for the taking, destined for the take us
The move is in the shake us
Time is now turn around, face it
The earth is upon around
The world is ..
try to blame it on the sun like it went down
but even heroes forever live now dead on .. living down
There’s no .. we just deliver now
bring the women out, what you’re spitting bout
One thing certainly i burn 3 degree
Somebody let em know we live eternally
Let em know we live eternally

My man is in them
that’s my man in the niggas ..
That’s my man.. and life wonder
That’s my man prices
Cooly eye
That’s my man’s .. let it be