Philip Bailey - Time Is A Woman lyrics

Never ask her age
Young at heart, she's living life from day to day
Blushing like a bride
Joining hands you watch her face in minutes
Slowly disappear
Moments take a year

I know time is a woman
I know she wears her body well
I see time is a lover
I feel her slip away
She never stays

Count them one by one
Seconds rolling round your heart, they tick away
Growin' old in style
She's the child who makes the world keep waiting
For a better place
Runnin' out of space

She never stays
No she never
No she never
Watch her slip away
She's a mystery, she's a mystery

Heaven sent you a gift, don't you abuse it
She can take it away
Don't you lose it
If you start to believe every answer
She may take it away even faster