Philiae - This Is The Dawn Of A New Error lyrics

This is the news it's all starting to change
This is your life we're only adjusting your fate
It seems your functions are a little deranged
But it's nothing we haven't seen before
Come close; it's our duty to save you
We will cure your erratic behavior
There's nothing to fear; once we've washed you
The children are coming to play


Relax, our concern's your contentment
Tune in for we feed you perfection
Employed by our newest invention
You know that we know what you want
Our scheme is to cure your depression
And your face will resemble the masses
Take your time for a little perversion
There is nobody out there today


Well now you think you've got it all
And I will follow, and I will crawl
But no, you don't
And no, I won't
And I'll get used to this regime
Cause you're controlling the machine
But no, I won't
And no, you don't

Have you ever tried to ignore us?
The product of your self-accusation
March in the numbing bliss of narcism
The dolls are dancing our way
Comprehend that we'll be here forever
It's our breeding that got you this far
When we're in need we will make you deliver
And we will finally reap what you sow

there is no way out of this
it is this – this is it
it's in you – you're in it
it's a permanent error

there is now way out of this
it's a permanent error