Phil Ade - Still Ade (#Philadefriday 2 Mixtape) (2011)

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Phil Ade - Still Ade (#Philadefriday 2 Mixtape) lyrics

I’m making .. who got the torch time to pass it
Every time i speak on the mike f*ck classy
Look in traffic ..5 see you them greedy
can you blame me i never ash it
had to make move start a new show for the low
.. and now i make two
Enough to ..great shoes but i’m tryin take ..
Feel like .. in the true meaning
if you seen one believed em well i’ve seen it myself
except my nigga so when i get it ..
only nigga that think he could be bigger than ..
yeah .. a nigga too
you can’t be a ..
i just need a show ..that i was ..
flyin to the competition time to renovate
time for dinner they just gone out the window
like smoke when you blow out the window
Get loud ..still blow my money on clothes ..
Still not ..still making on the .. your life pound
Even close to a .. close to a female,
Close to ..dollars spending ..
Time to play tryin to ..
Meet me on the email cause when i they tell em
Love is what i shell out
Tryin make my own ..

.. i’m a grown ash
Yeah yeah
I’m a grown ash yeah
You already know this is